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Frank shankwitz

Creator and Co-Founder of the Make-a-Wish Foundation

Hear Frank's amazing and inspirational story that covers incidents and people who helped develop his character during his childhood years, to his adventures during his 42-year law enforcement career, which includes being killed in the line of duty and brought back to life.  And finally, the realization of what his mission in life was when he met Chris, the 7-year old boy who inspired Frank to create and co-found the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which has granted over 450,000 wishes all over the world and impacted over 1 million people.  Frank's message is simple:  Everyone can be a hero.  Named as Forbes' #1 keynote speaker in 2016, Frank is sure to bring your next corporate event or fundraising effort to a different level.   Frank sits on boards for multiple non-profits, and travels the country speaking at events and inspiring groups of all types.  Frank and his wife, Kitty, live in Prescott, Arizona.

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david vanderheiden

Professional Speaker and Fitness Expert

After enduring some personal losses, David turned to alcohol and drugs and it began to be a major part of his life.  After his second OWI--both of which should have killed him--he began to evaluate his life's direction during a walk home after being released from jail.  David looked in a mirror and realized if he didn't change his ways, he'd die young.  He began to focus on fitness, and made it his life's passion.  His life now had purpose, and he quickly realized he had a duty to help people accomplish their goals--both fitness and otherwise.   Relatable and connectable, David's story resonates with people of all ages.  It's never too late to make a difference in your life, and sometimes, a change can save your life.   David is now a certified Personal Trainer at Xperience Fitness in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  David also owns and operates the website called EverydayFitness101, where he shares his fitness passion with others, no matter their personal fitness levels.  He and his wife, Kristin, live with their two girls near Mishicot, Wisconsin.   

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dean raasch

Professional Speaker

Dean is passionate about the underdog and the person that has the odds stacked against them, but still comes out triumphant.  Dean was the underdog in life.  He lost his mother to cancer when he was only 10 years old.  He endured sexual abuse during that same time.  And then he had to fight for his own life at the age of 19 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Life was stacked against him, but his will to win took over and allowed him to no longer be the underdog.  As one of the world’s longest surviving bone marrow transplant patients, Dean speaks to groups of all ages and backgrounds bringing a message of hope.  With raw honesty, humor, and passion, Dean’s ability to connect to audiences creates a drive for many to overcome all challenges.  As an advocate for campaigns such as Be The Match, Dean has made it his mission to create more awareness for bone marrow transplant donor needs, and will continue that effort as long as it takes.  Dean lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Carrie.  Together they have three kids, Derek, Kaeli, and Kort.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Business.  He received his PHD in LIFE from Challenge University, a school no one wants admission to.  Also the creator of the Courage Heart, Dean has launched a clothing line featuring the design and donates proceeds to different charities.  

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nurse jesse

Professional Speaker and Facilitator

Nurse Jesse is the Lead Facilitator at It Makes Me Happy! where she offers corporate keynotes and workshops that offer a fresh perspective and new take on mindfulness, gratitude, and resilience to address thoughts which lead to anxiety and increased stress levels and flip them to improve.  Her ‘job’ is her personal mission or ministry, rather than a project or function or series of actions to be carried out. Her mission is to help people realize their inherent worth and awaken their truest self so they can joyfully achieve.   

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Jerry Wayne


Professional Speaker and Advocate

Jerry Wayne, who some know as the AR-14 guy, is the union worker who went toe-to-toe with former Vice President Joe Biden while he was on a campaign stop in Detroit, MI.  VP Biden used some choice words in response to Jerry's questions, and the video of the incident went viral very quickly.  

Jerry's message is simple--he fights for America's rights to bear arms, and he also wants to encourage American's to stick up for their beliefs.  He is a firm believer that elected officials work for the people, and he is on a mission to ensure they remember that fact.

Jerry is available for appearances, media interviews, as well as endorsement partnerships.

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